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Experience w/ Totalcycling or SDeals?(3 posts)

Experience w/ Totalcycling or SDeals?Gav
Jun 5, 2001 6:36 PM
Has any one purchased a wheel set from either of the captioned? Good or bad experience? Thanks

Both are trustworthy, both will try to get your orderbill
Jun 6, 2001 8:10 AM
right, and both will handle your money responsibly. They both DO respond to e-mails and will help with info about the products.
I think, however, that for Sdeals, anyway, "in stock" is a relative term. If you order something truly in stock, I've heard that you'll get it fast, but I ordered a stem from Sdeals that took a month, and then, in the end, they told me that they couldn't get my first choice size. To be fair, they notified me immediately that there may be a delay, they offered to cancel the order, and they were responsive, courteous, and businesslike throughout. Good prices now, because of the exchange rate.
I had good experiences with both.
re: Experience w/ Totalcycling or SDeals?Mr. Velo
Jun 8, 2001 8:17 AM
Bought Ksyrium wheels from, which is another place in Ireland. Ordered wheels on Monday and they were in my living room the following friday. They were very responsive to e-mail and were willing to replace a set of look 256 pedals with a different color-no problem.

I believe velo news has spoken highly of totalcycling. Purchased tires from total cycling. They also were responsive and very prompt. My experience has been good with both Strike It Fit and Total Cycling.