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K2 mod road bikes(3 posts)

K2 mod road bikesdaveo
Jun 5, 2001 4:36 PM
Any body know anything or had a chance to ride the new k2 road bikes? The design and specs seem amazing (sloping geometry with carbon seat stays) but I havent had a chance to ride one and wonder how they stack up
re: K2 mod road bikesclimberted
Jun 7, 2001 8:17 PM
I work in a shop that has an account with K@. We don't stock them but buy them on a custom order basis. We ecently ordered a mod frame for a guy. Myself being inquisitive and somewhat scepitical was surprised when the frame came in and man was it light. Very light frame. So we built it up and I tooled around the parking lot. It was way light but have no idea of ride.
re: K2 mod road bikesBiff
Jun 10, 2001 9:00 AM
Is it made in the Giant factory? I'm interested in either a TCR, a Schwinn Fastback, or a K2 Mod. One shop owner told me that the Schwinns are made by Giant anyway. I honestly don't care about what name is on the paint job, I just want a compact frame for the lowest price possible.