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LOOK Pedal Looseness?(1 post)

LOOK Pedal Looseness?Mike Prince
Jun 4, 2001 2:57 PM
I have Look PP296 pedals on my primary road bike. A few days ago on my ride I heard the dreaded clicking sound with every pedal revolution. Got home and checked all of the normal stuff, chainring bolts, pedal to crank tightness, BB (cartridge) tightness, etc. Couldn't ride this weekend as my wife was away and I had the kids but snuck in a 35 miler today at lunchtime. The click was still there. When I got home I pedaled around the block a few times one-footed and isolated the click to the right pedal.

Just for grins, I took a PP 256 off of my other bike and put it on. Same cleats/shoes/etc., just a different pedal. No click. I put new cleats on the shoes as the current ones were a bit worn, lubed all pedal/cleat contact points with White Lightning (IMO the only thing that stuff is good for). I did notice that the axle on the PP296 had a bit of play while the 256's had none. I tightened the plastic lockring down as much as possible (it barely moved) on the 296's before reinstalling the right pedal, but a little play still remains. Is this normal? I suspect this is the source of the click.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.