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Veloce or 105?(10 posts)

Veloce or 105?Velocipedio
Jun 4, 2001 11:27 AM
I'm ordering a new bike and I want your opinions on component groups. How do Campy Veloce and Shimano 105 compare? I prefer the shifters and the cable routing on Veloce, and its marginally less expensive, but does it stack up?
re: Veloce or 105?mackgoo
Jun 4, 2001 12:32 PM
Go with Veloce.
Why!!Cima Coppi
Jun 4, 2001 12:52 PM
Let's play devil's advocate here. I am a great campy fan, but I think this person may want hardcore evidence and experiences with each group. To simply say "go with Veloce" isn't saying very much.

I cannot speak for either group mentioned in this thread (I ride Record), but I have heard that the campy groups tend to take longer to break in, but require less maintenance on the drivetrain over time vs. Shimano (at least between Record and Dura-Ace).

We'll start there....
Jun 4, 2001 5:24 PM
Your right my first post I boned up and it didn't get posted. I think this board is great but really, how many times do you need to hit the post button before you post?
Any way I say Veloce because I believe in the long run you are getting a better quality product. Personaly I don't like Shimanos design. I just picked up a bike with Dura Ace. I find the shifters anoying. The use of the brake lever as a shifter looks trick, but I find in the drops it is an uncomfortably long reach to make the shift. On the hoods 80 percent of the time when I make a shift I tap the brakes, anoying. I will probably reduce that some with time, but really should there be a "right" way to do it? I personaly like the design of campy the lever behind the brake lever is more comfortable to reach, the button is right there. I like the clean lines of the lines under the tape. Guess what, with Campy you don't need to get at the cables. Finally all in all I am not impressed by the shimano action. They are 4 years old and maybe that has some thing to do with it. But On the old bike, which I will be selling to make room for the new one has an Athena group of about the same vintage. They still shift as crisp as the first day I put them on. That say's it all. So if there is a choice between Campy or Shimano of roughly the same price I say go with Campy, heck you could go a couple grades down and a few years and hundreds of miles latter you'd still be ahead of the game.
Man I hope I don't loose this post.
re: Veloce or 105?Hank
Jun 4, 2001 2:32 PM
"I prefer the shifters and the cable routing on Veloce"

then get the Veloce. They're about equal in terms of quality. Campy and Shimano are both so good now you can't really go wrong - I say go with the gut feeling/emotion/comfort/aesthetic thing. Me - I like Shimano (and have since the late 80s when I switched over from Campy). I think Campy shifting feels too chunky and don't like the shape of the brake/shift levers and prefer the easy access to the cables you get with STI. Also, Campy changes their designs more frequently than Shimano does (kind of a switch).
neither one...C-40
Jun 4, 2001 3:42 PM
Both are pretty cheap groups. Ultegra or Daytona are only about $125 more, and well worth the money.

The Daytona 10 speed group is a great deal if you're on a budget. You can later upgrade any part, except the crank and bottom bracket, to Chorus or Record, with full compatibility.
I don't know about thatColnagoFE
Jun 4, 2001 3:47 PM
my campy mirage 8 speed equipped bike has performed great. sure it isn't as smooth shifting or fancy looking as my chorus 10 group, but seems to be just as bombproof. not sure about 105.
neither one...Velocipedio
Jun 4, 2001 7:16 PM
My dealer quoted me a price for a Daytona build that was $700 (Canadian) more than the Veloce build. I think he must have been confused -- Daytona should be @ $700 (Canadian) for the whole group, no? If it IS just $190 (Canadian) more, I'll definitely go for Daytona. I like the 29t cog, and it's compatible with record and chorus...

The 250g [@ 1/2 pound] weight saving is nice, too... :-)
neither one...Velocipedio
Jun 5, 2001 2:06 PM
I went with Daytona. The extra bucks included the Datona, a carbon fork, a better saddle and greatly improved wheels. A good value.
You can't go wrongDaveG
Jun 4, 2001 6:06 PM
I replaced my bike with 105 last year with a Veloce bike. I think both companies offer great value in those groups. I think 105 front shifting is slightly better (shorter throw, less strength needed); rear shifting about equal (but the Veloce has a more positive, stiffer feel). I much prefer the operation of ergo to STI and I find the Ergo hoods more comfortable but that just me and everyone is different. 105 is a bit lighter than Veloce. Both groups are proven performers and you really can't make a mistake either way. If you prefer Ergo operation, then buy the Veloce. Of course, if you are ordering an Italian bike, you are required by law to go Campy.