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Am I too stretched out ?(2 posts)

Am I too stretched out ?RecRider
Jun 3, 2001 1:57 AM
I recently replaced my stem from 75 to 90mm. It's hard to find stems that are less than 90mm nowadays. I'm still trying to adjust to this longer setup. Based on what I read before, you shouldn't see the front hubs while riding. If this is the case, where are my hands supposed to be? In the brake hoods or on top of the handle bar?

The hub is obstructed by the bar while I'm riding on the hoods. I hope that this is the right one.

check knee to elbow clearance....C-40
Jun 3, 2001 7:43 AM
If you haven't done so, first be sure that saddle fore-aft position is optimized before selecting a stem length. Read up on the subject at, or Also see the latest issue of Bicycling Magazine, which has info on this subject.

Try to avoid knee-to-elbow overlap when riding with you hands in the drops, with fingers in reach of the brake levers. A very minor overlap is tolerable, and common for beginners. More experienced riders will have 1-3cm of clearance. If you have lots of clearance with the 90mm stem, this suggests that you have a frame that is too large, or at least has too much top tube length.