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XTR Pod – Ultegra Front Derailleur(2 posts)

XTR Pod – Ultegra Front DerailleurTFerguson
Jun 2, 2001 3:32 PM
I'm building a special "hybrid" using a touring frame and flat bar. I have XTR shifters and an Ultegra triple front derailleur and crankset . One click on the XTR goes from the small to the to the large chainring skipping the middle ring. Have I just discovered something every idiot knows? Or am I doing something wrong? If an Ultegra FD won't work with the XTR will a XT FD work still using the Ultagra triple crankset?
Mix 'n' Matchgrz mnky
Jun 4, 2001 4:18 PM
Problem lies with assuming that MTB stuff works perfectly with Road stuff - it doesn't. You can swap most of the rear der components, but you're going to have "issues" with the front der. The leverage ratios are different on the front. Try using a Grip Shift style shifter for the front - it offers a range of settings.