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Aerobars and TT'ing(3 posts)

Aerobars and TT'ingMigelito
Jun 1, 2001 7:41 AM
He guys, I need some advice:
I am doing my first stage race at the end of the month and it happens that it includes a 17 mile TT. I'm thinking of getting some clamp-on aerobars.

What's the consensus on this? First, is it necessary? How much should you use these before competing with them?

Since I don't yet have the ability to set up a dedicated TT/tri bike, are clamp-on bars a good temporary option? Which ones work best?
I have a Campy Ergo Brain (which is only slightly smaller than my 19" monitor that sits on my desk), so compatibilty with this is a factor as well.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice. I don't have a lot to go on yet...
Aerobars Work: Get 'emRunstevierun
Jun 1, 2001 8:57 AM
Assuming the clamp-ons are race-legal,
I would definitely get a pair. They will add
at least 1-2 mph over non-aero position.
If you are comfortable on rollers, then you won't need
too much time to adjust to them, at least as far as balance goes.
They add weight to the front end so I would reccomend the
lightest pair you can find (syntace C2's are very good)
so your steering is not too weird. You may need to adjust
your seat position forward a bit and tilt the saddle down just a smidge. Be careful of your knees as the added leverage of your hands/forearms on the bars will put more torque on the knees than you might be used to. Good luck out there!
Aerobars really work!johnrossi808
Jun 4, 2001 12:04 PM
I know because this weekend it was windy and a couple of guys past me while using these bars. They were going about 2mph faster than me.