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D/A Cassette Life-?(1 post)

D/A Cassette Life-?12x23
May 29, 2001 8:19 PM
I have a couple of rear wheels (cassettes) that no longer shift crisply. Sometimes shifting up, say 15 to 16, the chain hangs on the 15 unless I drop back and slightly overshift. I replaced each chain over the winter, along with cables and housings, and have gone over the r.der. high/low/B settings, and cable tension on each bike. I experience this with D/A hubs and Mavics. The oldest cassettes are 3-4 years old. I just received a new pr of AC wheels, slapped a new cassette on, and shifting is precise on each bike. Guess I answered my own question, huh? If so, what sort of life should one expect from D/A nine-speed cassettes. Btw, I keep a close watch on my chains for wear, and regularly clean and lube the drivetrains. Thanks in advance.