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sora componentsmila
May 29, 2001 6:46 PM
I'm looking for a mid-range touring bike and have found that many come with sora or tiagra components (7, 8 and 9 speed). How do these groups hold up in the long run? I have no experience with either. Should I go with a Deore der? any suggestions on a bike under $1000.00.
re: sora componentstwikkie
May 30, 2001 9:05 PM
hey...Shimano Sora is a great set-up for touring. The crank arms are nice...ideal for touring. They are a little heavy, but really, it is not susbstantial for your projected style of riding. I like the levers..very solid, and dependable. Unfortunately, one cannot shift from the drops with these levers, as the Campy-esque thumb levers are not accessable. The brakes themselves are quite depenadable..I rarely need more brake. The rear derailleur is probably the shadiest component of the bunch. While it shifts smoothly, precisely, and reliably, and does not require constant maintenace, it appears cheap, and one might have problems with it after a few thousand miles.

I have ridden approx. 5000 miles on mine, and they all work as well as the day I bought them. Of course, all components have a lifetime relative to their maintenance.

I have ridden many component groups...and these ain't bad! I would say, definitely worth their price. Your not racing...and even then, they would probably suffice.