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Best Wheels(2 posts)

Best WheelsEJ
May 29, 2001 12:30 AM
Iam a big guy (6'3" and 225 lbs). I am looking for the best,most durable wheel for a guy my size. I plan to use them for training and racing. I tried Open Pros with DA and I have to true them every 100 miles. Please help me.....Thanks
Best buildKerry Irons
May 29, 2001 9:03 AM
I am assuming that you do take some care in dodging holes, curbs, and rocks and so aren't mis-treating your wheels. If this is correct, then there is something wrong with your build. A set of 32 spoke Open Pros (you didn't say the spoke count, but I am assuming) should not be requiring constant re-truing. I'm guessing you have either too low a spoke tension or un-even spoke tension. If these were built for you, take them back and discuss it with the builder. If they were bought, you might contact whoever sold them to you. If you are skilled in building wheels, de-tension them and start over.