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New Campy chain...lube it or not??(3 posts)

New Campy chain...lube it or not??Alpine
May 28, 2001 11:28 PM
"New Campy chain...lube it or not??"
This Campy 10spd chain seemed to be well lubed right out of the bag and the papers mention everything you'd want to know about the chain to include suggesting the regular clean/lube cycle. It doesn't mention an initial lube so is it good to go?

Also, I just ran out of my White Lightning. What is the race industry standard these days?
Lube to ride, or ride to lube?Kerry Irons
May 29, 2001 9:12 AM
There's no need to lube before you ride the first time with a new chain, but you should be lubing regularly anyway, so it's not like your going to make any difference in the life of the chain by what you do in the first few days. Lube choice and riding conditions determines lube frequence, and lube choice has many camps. My own preference is ProLink, after using WL, TriFlow, Boeshield T-9, Slick 50, light oil, Regina, and too many others to remember. Some would claim that ProLink can be matched by 1 part Mobil 1 in 3-4 parts odorless mineral spirits, but I can't be bothered making my own lube. My problem with WL is that it has no water resistance and so if you get caught in the rain, your chain will start squeaking (and self-destructing) immediately. My problem with TriFlow is that it is too gunky. T-9 is OK, but not as water resistant as ProLink or TriFlow. And ProLink is cleaner. Still, there is plenty of personal preference, and you'll find people to swear by ´(and at) just about every lube out there, including WD-40.
re: New Campy chain...lube it or not??mark203
Jun 1, 2001 10:06 AM
It seems to me that most chains (campy is too rich for my blood) come prelubed but with a very sticky, viscous type oil. This stuff is poison for chains because it collects gunk very readily. Why would the company that sold you the chain want to prolong its life??? I am not sure. Anyway, I always degrease a new chain after purchase and either use a wax type lube (messy and involved) or a light chain oil such as triflow or pedros. This seems to help keep the chain from picking up every particle of dirt on the road. I would really recommend against WD-40 as the WD stands for water displacement, not bike chain oil. It actually is a solvent more than a lubricant.