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quill stems(2 posts)

quill stemsDan Becker
May 27, 2001 7:22 AM
Has anyone had any experience with the new Cinelli frog stem? I am not yet willing to move to threadless technology (too many $$$ when my threaded forks and headsets are working fine) but need a new stem. I would prefer a 2 bolt/open face design to facilitate transport. I currently have a Deda Murex which is a bit flexy and difficult to remove due to the angle of the bolts. The only other quill open face designs I could find are the Profile H2O and the Cinelli. Please email me with feedback or suggestions. Thanks.

I've found that Icon...seth1
May 29, 2001 9:51 AM
makes a very stiff, and quite light quill stem. It has a removeable face-plate. People will probably say that Icon is low-brow, mid-low end, but I like mine a whole lot. I used to use a Litespeed quill until I realized how flexy it was (I liked the idea of Ti).

I checked out a Salsa, but for this self-proclaimed weight-weenie, the thing was too ponderous. Tried an ITM, flexier than the Icon. Don't know about the Cinelli, or the Profile. There is also the Syncros wich I don't know about either

You have the Deda, is that the one with the hinged face-plate?

The Icon relatively cheap too, $35 +/-. But make sure you get the one that's post-recall. It should have a two bolt design.