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Upgrade question(5 posts)

Upgrade questionYomontaria
May 26, 2001 10:04 PM
My girlfriend just found a Trek 1500 with Shimano 600 components for a great price. It is a 14 speed. I would like recommendations for upgrading to a triple. It is an Aluminum frame. Can I or do I need to reset the rear triangle or can I find the parts I need to make it a 21 speed. Thanks for any help.
What are you trying to accomplish?Spoke Wrench
May 27, 2001 7:24 AM
I assume her bike has down tube shifters that aren't indexed for the front.

If you are trying to get her an easier hill climbing gear, the cheapest way to do it is with a 7-speed mountain bike cassette, mountain bike rear derailleur and a new chain.

To convert to a 21-speed triple you need a new crankset along with the appropriate bottom bracket, and a long cage rear derailleur to take up the chain slack. Since the bike is for someone else to ride, I'd also recommend the appropriate triple front derailleur because it will improve the shift quality. Otherwise she might come to think that you're a lousy bike mechanic.

Be careful if you decide to buy a used triple crankset. Lots of times the ramps on the middle chainring get worn consequently don't shift well, and the square hole for the bottom bracket spindle may be worn.
re: What spoke said,and.....Jethro Notbodine
May 27, 2001 7:33 AM
....plan on keeping it 7 speed in the rear. The frame is aluminum, and does not take to being bent to widen the dropouts to the 130mm spacing required by 8,9,and 10 speed hubs. However,many late 7 speed Treks were built with 130mm dropout spacing, so if that is the case with yours,then you are good to go with the wider hubs.
Trek 1500 is spaced at 130mmHomer J.
May 27, 2001 11:49 AM
if it is a 1991 or newer model. The new 9 spd hubs will fit right in w/o any respacing required. I have done it to my 1991 1500.
Trek 1500 is spaced at 130mmYomontaria
May 27, 2001 9:21 PM
Thanks to each of you for the helpful information.