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does the deda newton bar have cable grooves?(4 posts)

does the deda newton bar have cable grooves?ryan
May 26, 2001 2:05 PM
this bar/stem combo looks sweet.

also considering the stella*azzurra bar
Yepmike mcmahon
May 26, 2001 2:37 PM
Cable grooves front and back to accommodate Campy ergo shifter cables and brake cables. I'm using the Newton stem/bar combo and it is a nice set-up. Expensive, but very nice stuff.
re: does the deda newton bar have cable grooves?fredmark
May 28, 2001 9:17 AM
yes, the newton bar is grooved. i use the bar/stem combo on both of my bikes, and they're very light and stiff. the only dislike is that they aren't more of a shallow drop. i would also forego the ergo bend for a more traditional sweep. overall, you'll be pleased.
re: does the deda newton bar have cable grooves?mike mcmahon
May 28, 2001 12:08 PM
How long have you been using the Newton? I've been on it three months and had the same initial reaction that you did about the drop and the ergo bend. However, after adjusting to it, I actually like it a lot better than my previous bar with a bigger drop and "more traditional sweep." I actually considered swapping the bar out for about the first month. Now, I'm very happy that I stuck with the Newton combo.