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Wellgo SPD-R Copies(3 posts)

Wellgo SPD-R CopiesLee Haverstock
May 26, 2001 12:16 AM
anyone using the wellgo R-2 or R-4 pedals. I'm looking at buying a pair. Any likes, dislikes, how heavy are they?
re: Wellgo SPD-R Copiesdavidl
May 26, 2001 12:22 AM
A set of R-4's were on my bike when I got it. I couldn't get out of them! Try them out first - they're not my 'cup of tea'
re: Wellgo SPD-R Copiesjw25
May 30, 2001 6:39 AM
I've got the R-4's, and it's been a mostly positive experience. They replaced a set of the tiny Ritchey SPD's, which were terrible. Tiny body, difficult maintenance, and sticky bearings made those a terror to ride. At least the release was always good.
The Wellgo's have a nice big platform, but without a lot of depth, unlike Looks, so cornering might be better. The bottom is still a bit slippery, and the pedal always rotates to about 15 degrees from vertical, but with some practice, you'll be clicking in like a pro. No problems with release, either, and I've had no unwanted releases, even sprinting hard.
I do wish the cleat had more adjustment space - you can set it for angle, to a degree, but fore/aft is pretty much where the bolts are, unless you have shoes with moveable nuts. Luckily, my SIDI's are pretty good, but I do wish I could slide the cleat back a little more.
The only other nitpick I have is the difficulty of getting new cleats. I've never seen them advertised, but I imagine the shop could order them, or you could just buy a new set of pedals (mine were $25).
Don't know exact weight off-hand, but not too bad, I think it was comparable to Ultegra SPD-R's. Check out for specs.