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Time Equipe and Speedplay pedals(4 posts)

Time Equipe and Speedplay pedalsrt12345
May 25, 2001 2:33 PM
Does anyone know anything about these pedals - which are best - advantages and disadvantages ( I have some knee problems using clips and straps at the moment).

Please leave any ideas here ASAP.

re: Time Equipe and Speedplay pedalsjschrotz
May 25, 2001 7:29 PM
I used Time's pedals for about nine years and loved them. I only recently switched to Speedplays because of a knee injury incurred while playing soccer. I loved the Time pedals, but after I got hurt there just wasn't enough float for my knee to ride without pain. The Speedplays are great, but take a bit of getting used to. The Time pedals are heavier, but I like their platform better than anything else out there. If you do go with the Time pedals though, you really should get Time's shoes as well. If you don't, you end up having to use adapter plates for the Time cleats and they place your foot farther away from the pedal spindle. Time shoes need no adapters and put your foot right on top of the pedal. Speedplays are great too and quite a bit lighter than the Times. I've found that the Speedplay cleat isn't as awkward to walk around on as Time's cleat, but they also get chewed up pretty quickly and are relatively expensive to replace. Time cleats will set you back around $15 or so, while the Speedplay cleats will lighten your wallet by about $35. I'd suggest testing each system out if you can. The free float of the Speedplays unnerve some people and they find that they just can't get used to it. See if you're one of those people before plunking down the $$$.
re: Time Equipe and Speedplay pedalsdave in Denver
May 26, 2001 4:19 AM
I was a big fan of Time pedals, but I just couldn't get comfy with
my last pair. So I bought some used frogs,(Speedplay Mtn. pedals) just to satisfy my curiosity. I figured it was worth the $40. It turned out I loved the speedplay concept and ended up buying a pair of X-2's shortly thereafter. I was a huge fan of Time, but I have switched
for good.
Good luck
re: Speedplay pedalsHans K
May 26, 2001 6:32 AM
I have riden the speedplays about 1500 miles, I also had a bit of the knee pain thing,but with the float of the speedplays ,all that is gone.
I would get x2 (stainless spindle)or x3 (ti spindle), the x3's are steel (still a very light pedal) and have less/lower quality bearing,if you are a small / light rider the x3's maybe just fine, the cleats-plate get very trashed after 1500 miles ,but still work but they don't like sand, buy the rubber cleat covers for 10-15 bucks it get rid of the click-click walk and sliping on smooth floors,the clip-cleats are $35 a bit pricey, once you get through the learning curve,its half a turn on the crank ,and your snaped in, they are very rebuildable and work best on SIDI shoes.