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Cutting threadless steel steerer tube...(4 posts)

Cutting threadless steel steerer tube...too cheap
May 25, 2001 1:00 PM
Has anyone cut the steel steerer on their fork? I need to shorten my steerer by about 2cm and remove some spacers. The local LBS's are backed-up and I don't feel like leaving the fork there for 2-3 days if it's something that can be done easily.

I know Park sells a guide for about $25 but that seems like an expensive tool that will be used (probably) once.

Any advice from people who have done it themselves would be much appreciated. Thanks.
re: Cutting threadless steel steerer tube...xbigfootx
May 25, 2001 3:59 PM
Just use a standard pipe cutter, that will cut through the aluminum steer tube without a problem at all, available at a hardware store for 5dollars or so. That is what my local shop uses, they have the park tool to, but the pipe cutter does a better job.

re: Cutting threadless steel steerer tube...Andy V
May 25, 2001 5:59 PM
Here's how I would do it. Determine where you want to make the cut. Wrap some sort of adhesive tape around where you want to make the cut so that one edge of the tape is in alignment with where you want to make the cut. I used clear weatherproofing tape. Wrap it around several times around the steerer tube so that it is several mm thick. This built up layer of tape will act as a guide for the actual sawing. For the sawing, I just use a standard 24 tooth hacksaw. Once done, smooth out the edges with a file and sandpaper. I've done several cuts on carbon and aluminum steerer tubes this way with perfect results. Hope this helped.
May 26, 2001 4:25 PM
Use an expendable steerer shim as the guide. Just remove the fork and clamp the stem in the appropriate postition with the shim floating on top of the stem. The shim will act as a guide. Sounds pretty scary but the shim will work perfectly!!! Use a fine blade on the sawsall.

Works for me every time..... for steel steerer tubes at least. For Al or carbon you can use a fine blade hacksaw and not scare yourself... ;) Watch the fingers and always wear saftey glasses.