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Pave/Gravel tires(2 posts)

Pave/Gravel tiresMarlon
May 24, 2001 3:47 PM
I'm looking for some extra-tough training and racing tires for use on rough terrain like pave and light gravel. Any recommendations? I'm even thinking of running narrow cyclocross tires (700x27-28), but I have no idea if they'll rub against my Ultegra calipers.
A couple of possibilities...Cory
May 24, 2001 4:47 PM
As I recall (don't have a pair on hand), there isn't much room under Ultegra brakes. I have 700x35 Panaracer Paselas on my Atlantis, which spends about a third of its time on gravel roads and fire trails. They're light and fairly fast on pavement, but tough enough for gravel. But it's got canti brakes, so space isn't a problem.
The Paselas are available in 28 and 32mm, too (the 32s measure about 25mm), so you could try that.
Avocet Crosses are plenty tough, but heavy. I think Specialized makes the Nimbus in road sizes, too.
For what it's worth, tread doesn't seem to matter in this application as much as volume and pressure. If I pump the Paselas up to 100psi, they dance around a lot. But at 75, they're smoooooth.