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source for straight-pull spokes and "aero" nipples???(1 post)

source for straight-pull spokes and "aero" nipples???Jon(unreg)
May 24, 2001 2:29 PM
Here's the story : I have a set of Mavic Cosmic Pros, with one broken spoke on the rear. Instead of just replacing that one, I'd like to replace all the spokes with 14/15 DB's, to drop some weight and lessen side area. Plus, the front wheel has a couple of stripped nipples, so I'd like to replace those as well.
Does anyone here know where these can be found? A few years ago, straight-pull spokes were all the rage, and carried by a number of places. The hex-head "aero" nipples were a little harder to find, but still available. Now, they're as rare as swimming cats. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Jon.