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Look vs Reynolds forks(4 posts)

Look vs Reynolds forksPDSM
May 23, 2001 2:02 PM
This is a follow up on an earlier post. A few people gave some helpful comments about the general effects of changing the rake of the fork. What I am considering doing is changing my Icon fork with 43mm rake to a Look HSC3. The thing is that the Look comes in only 40 or 45mm rake. I know that the 40 will slow the handling, and the 45 make it more sensitive - but how strong an effect will it be? Does anyone have any opinions on which way to go?

The other alternative is to go with a Reynolds since that comes in a 43mm rake. Does anyone have opinions on Reynolds vs Look forks?
re: Look vs Reynolds forksgrz mnky
May 23, 2001 3:20 PM
The Reynolds comes in 43 and 45 with both carbon and steel steerers, 1" or 1=1/8". The effect will be small, but probably noticable. It would depend on the frame geometry (among other things) so it would be best to go with the mfr.'s reccomendation(s). If you like the way things work now I'd stay with it unless you have a strong desire to make a change in the handling.

You can get a lighter fork with the Look HSC. The Reynolds is supposed to have better vibration absorption if you can believe all the propaganda. The Reynolds is made in the USA.

I went with the Reynolds and haven't looked back.
re: Look vs Reynolds forksPDSM
May 23, 2001 6:10 PM
Now I think about it won't a change of 2mm in the rake be not too disimilar to changes in steering due to differences in tire pressure or diameter? I am told that it is the trail that determines the way a bike steers, the smaller the trail, the sharper the steering. The trail is equal to: trail=(wheel/tire radius)/Tan(H) - rake / Sin(H) with H the head tube angle. If I increase the rake by 2mm for a head tube angle of 73.8 degrees (on my Trek 5200) then that would have the same effect as reducing the wheel radius by 7mm. That compares to a tire depth of about 20mm for a 700x23mm tire (they aren't quite circular in cross-section). It seems to me that this change is not going to cause drastic differences in the way the bike steers, is it? After all the change is not much greater than would be caused by changing from a 700x25 tire to a 700x20 - both of which are reasonable for a road bike.
re: Look vs Reynolds forksEric H
May 23, 2001 11:56 PM
One other consideration in addition to the rake is the distance from the crown bearing race seat to the front axle. It is quite likely the Look or Reynolds fork could be longer or shorter than your Icon Air Rail (I don't have numbers). Obviously, a longer fork will make the head tube angle slacker and a shorter fork will make the head tube angle steeper. Check out for more information.