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Benefits of wheel upgrades.???(3 posts)

Benefits of wheel upgrades.???LostPassword
May 22, 2001 4:11 PM
I am curious as to the major benefits one percieves after upgrading wheels. I know weight savings is one reason, but was curious as to what other difference you notice.

I know that people say all the time their wheel upgrade, "was the best thing they've done" to their bike. Having never upgraded, I want to know the differences i would notice. For example, I have OpenPros with DA hubs, if Iupgraded to say, Kysyriums, or a set of Daves what differences would i notice, if any?

i dont plan on upgrading right now, but you never know when my girlfriend might hand me $500.
re: Benefits of wheel upgrades.???jason in nh
May 22, 2001 5:30 PM
for me, I train on 36 spoke bomber wheels, but then in race season I ride helium tubulars, What I find is acceleration is the biggest benifit. Put alittle more power in and you can feel youself accelerating.
re: Benefits of wheel upgrades.???Steevo
May 25, 2001 11:14 AM
I'm the guy that got $500 from my wife.

The first thing I purchased was a set of new wheels. Velocity Deep-V rims, 16 hi-tension spokes per wheel, hubs with cartridge bearings and skewers, under 1625g per pair.

Next purchase is unknown at this point. Still have a couple hundred left.