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Carmichael Alloy Derailleur pulleys(3 posts)

Carmichael Alloy Derailleur pulleysb-man39
May 22, 2001 1:28 PM
anybody out there using these alloy pulleys? I'm thinking about a set for my 105 rear derailleur...any feedback on qaulity etc.

nothing special; business ethicsclub
May 23, 2001 8:55 AM
I've had his bearings go south prematurely, and they seem no better or worse than the many other sealed cartridge bearing pulleys, like Performance's. SunTour made the best ones hands down. But for me the bigger issue is all the grief Carmichael put the struggling bike industry thru when he patented the holes in his pulleys -- which he originally drilled, along with most others, Bullseye excepted, to reduce weight -- as "mud clearing devices." This forced every other pulley maker to retool to change to pulleys without holes. Not that those holes clear mud, in my experience, they collect mud, and require individual poking with a qtip or something to get the mud out after a wet offroad ride.
I wore them out within a yearJon(unregistered)
May 23, 2001 8:58 AM
but they were on a mountain bike, so the cleaner conditions on road may lengthen their lifespan.
The lower pulley had extreme wear to the teeth, though the bearings are still good, while the upper pulley shows less tooth wear, but the bearings are very sloppy, due to the "floating" feature that doesn't really work.
Plus, I didn't notice any improvement in shifting, and the drivetrain gets marginally louder. If you need to replace pulleys, the Shimano one's are sort of expensive for hat they are, but they've worked the best for me.
On the other hand, my road bike came with Bebop(I think) pulleys on an older 105 rear, and they've stayed tight and haven't worn, so perhaps the environment does make a difference. I use Prolink on all my chains now, and they stay cleaner, whereas the older pulleys got to see lots of oily gunk (hey, it was the mid 90's, and wet lubes were the thing to use off-road). So, if you really want them, they're pretty cheap, but keep an eye on them, and maybe relube the sealed bearings once a year. Jon