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Bike Care Package(1 post)

Bike Care PackageMarlon
May 22, 2001 2:31 AM
Another question for the wrenches out there - a good friend of mine is cycling in remote northern Alberta (think rural farmland, hot, dry, dusty, and lots of rough gravel roads) on her old roadbike, which is currently running Conti Supersport 700x23s. She's a little far from any bike store (nearest one is about 2-3 hours away by truck), so I'm sending her a "bike care package". While Canada Post won't let me send flammables or pressurized container items, I'm thinking some heavy-duty tires, 700x25s or 700x27s, might be useful, as well as extra tubes, patch kits, and tire liners. Does anyone have any suggestions on good, durable tires and tire liners? I'm almost considering cyclocross tires, but I'm worried about clearance issues with her Exage caliper brakes.