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Experience with Michelin Club Tubular Tires?(3 posts)

Experience with Michelin Club Tubular Tires?ianhale
May 20, 2001 1:43 PM
Has anyone had experience with Michelin Club tubular tires? How is their durability, puncture resistance, and ride?

What do you think of the idea of putting in 70 ml of Tufo sealant into the Michelin Club as a puncture preventative?

Any other recommendations for a durable and puncture resistant training sew-up tire?

Thank you
re: Experience with Michelin Club Tubular Tires?zelig1
May 21, 2001 2:09 AM
They are excellent tires and well priced. I've ridden them for about 3 years, in all conditions. Well made and straight, easy to mount with synthetic case and rubber tread having good grip in both dry and wet conditions (if you can live with the orange color).

I would equate them to the Conti Sprinter (ridden these for about 15 years) in terms of construction and ride quality (okay but not the most supple tub) although the Conti is 250gr vs. Club's 290gr.

Here's the downside. The tread depth is thinner on the Club. If you ride where there's a lot of glass, and I mean a lot of glass, the Sprinter will last longer as its tread depth is greater and the casing threads are slightly larger, and more resistant to cuts which penetrate the tread. I've lived both in Boston and NYC and would not consider either location to have lots of glass compared to locations outside of the States so I would look into the Club, especially as its a greater value (ie cheaper) than the Sprinter.

The most durable and puncture resistant training tire for me has been the Barum Criterium. This Czech company was acquired by Continental a few years ago and I haven't seen their tires, even in Europe, although there was a post in VN Tech Talk indicating a source. If you can find them, they're the best value I know of in a training tire. I used them as a commuting tire in Boston and regularly got over 5,000 miles, even on the rear.

Good luck
re: Experience with Michelin Club Tubular Tires?ianhale
May 23, 2001 1:13 PM
Thank you for the informative review of Michelin Club tires. I used to ride Michelin Falco tub's in the mid to late 1970's. They were at least 25 mm in cross section and weighed probably 350 g, but they lasted forever. Someone once asked me why I ride around on snow tires. They only cost $10 at the time.

Currently I am riding Wolber Neo Pro SP1 (22 mm, 310 g with the "polyurethane protection system") They have been excellent but are no longer available. The Wolber Pro SP1 (22 mm, 290 g with the "polyurethane protection system") are still available from

You should coy your review to the tire review section for future reference.