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Will Campy 8sp Wheelset work on Shimano 9sp bike?(4 posts)

Will Campy 8sp Wheelset work on Shimano 9sp bike?Michael3D
May 18, 2001 9:18 PM
I have an 8-speed Campy EXA-Drive wheelset. I'm looking at a bike which has a 9-speed Shimano group.

Can I use the Campy wheels on this bike by adjusting the derailleur throw and placing spacers between the cogs? And if this works, do I have to get a Campy BB, crank, chainring, and chain?

Or can I just put a Shimano 8sp or 9 sp cassette on the Campy hub?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Yes, but...Dave Hickey
May 19, 2001 4:14 AM
You can use you Campy wheels but you need a campy cassette with a spacing kit. Excel Sports in Boulder sells a Campy to Shimano spacing kit. The Shimano cassette will not fit on the Campy freehub body.
Thanks Dave. Another few questions, if I may...Michael3D
May 19, 2001 6:40 AM
I have a Campy cassette---but will the Shimano chain cause undue wear on the Campy cogs? If so, should I get a Campy chainring set? And can I use Shimano derailleurs successfully with a Campy chain?

Thanks again.
Change out the freehub bodyCliff Oates
May 20, 2001 9:08 AM
I'm unaware of any spacer kits to convert an 8 speed Campy cassette to 9 speed Shimano spacing. A spacer kit is available for 9 speed Campy to 9 speed Shimano (Wheels Mfg. Shift-7). You would have to replace the current freehub body with one suitable for 9/10 speed Campy. The cheapest way would be to buy a 9/10 speed Veloce hub and install the freehub body from it onto your hub.