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Carbon Fork - Aluminum Crown(3 posts)

Carbon Fork - Aluminum Crownbigjay
May 18, 2001 1:38 PM
I'm riding a Time Stilleto fork that has a white painted finish. I noticed a small horizontal crack about 3/4 of an inch from the top of the fork on 1 blade. Contacted Time and they said that the aluminum and carbon flex at different rates resulting in the paint cracking -isn't supposed to structural - and that this shows up on some painted forks. Apparently the clear coated forks don't have a problem as the clear coat is a little more flexible.

Anyone else seen this??
Yupgrz mnky
May 18, 2001 4:04 PM
Yes, it's fairly common. It really shouldn't happen, but it does. Just keep and eye on it an see if it gets larger which would indicate a bond failure. You don't even want to contemplate what happens next....
May 21, 2001 8:00 AM
trek even named their frames after this, one crack 'long void, to indicate that at all of their lugs, this will occur. ;)