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Reynolds 520 butted Chromo or 7000 series butted frame???(5 posts)

Reynolds 520 butted Chromo or 7000 series butted frame???dcr915
May 15, 2001 12:08 PM
Just wondering what frame to use
re: SO whats the question?Drawin A Blank
May 15, 2001 6:28 PM
One is low end steel the other is sum kinda Aluminum. More info is always helpful.
re: SO whats the question?dcr915
May 16, 2001 12:32 AM
The steel frame is my Flight 500 bike (KHS)and the aluminum is on my GT Force. I know that there both low end bikes, the groupos being 105 and all but I thought maybe someone would have some advice or experience on wich frame materiel to race. I thought I covered that in my previous post..
SO what do ya think?? Or do ya have any advice on these lower end bikes?
What kinda other info would be of help? Please excuse my inexperience on the subject
Constructive advice would be nice
Ride hard and have a blast
re: Da answer.....Darwin Award Candidate.
May 16, 2001 12:44 PM
You have both bikes,right? You want to race,right? Its a no brainer. Race the one that goes the fastest,handles best and has no isues with respect to sprinting or climbing.My guess ...the AL one,assuming the fit is good too.Who is in a better position to decide than you.............Ride hard,die young,leave a good looking corpse!!!
Thanks for the award, and the advice,Ride on.....dcr915
May 16, 2001 11:30 PM
That was simple enough. The alu frame fits the same as the steel. The reason for my ignorence is Ive been told to ride only steel. But the alu is lighter. Ill ride it
Ride hard and have a blast