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Components order and names(4 posts)

Components order and namesErick
May 15, 2001 11:48 AM
I am looking for a road bike, i have my eye on a Peugot succes, last year model with Tiagra? components. Can someone tell me the different levels for the components, like Tiagra ect. and list them in order. It is a chromoly frame and seems like a good beginners bike, or am I wrong?
re: Sora,Tiagra,105, ultegra, Dura ACE....Drawin A Blank
May 15, 2001 6:31 PM
...bottom of the barrel to top end.
re: Bike buying on a budgetRuss
May 15, 2001 10:51 PM
If the bike you can afford to buy new is a low end bike, buy a better bike used. You are more likely to get into riding with a better bike.
Here is what I've suggested to people who've asked me.

Figure out what size bike you need. You can try out new bikes at good shops and pay attention to the frame size, stem length, components etc.

Then buy a used bike of the size that fit you correctly. Look in the paper, in local bike club publications, on bulletin boards at bike shops, maybe on line. The shop may have some good deals on used bikes.
Many people buy a decent bike, don't ride after their first hilly ride, and sell it.

Take the bike to a shop before and after you buy it, first time to get an opinion, then to tune it up. There are lots of shops that will help you in any way they can to get into riding. Keep going to the same shop so you get to know each other. They'll be glad to sell you a new bike when you know what you're doing later on.

You can get at least twice the bike for the money in a used bike. The weight savings and better quality and reliability of components will increase both the enjoyment and value you get.
re: Bike buying on a budgetJim Giger
May 21, 2001 11:09 PM
I totally agree with buying a used bike!! It may take time & you need to be patience so you get what you want. You'll definitely learn alot and get something that will provide a better & more enjoyable ride. I just bought a used Cannondale R2000 which was hardly touched... it's nice looking & I'm loving every minute. (Saved a bunch too!!)