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Thanks for all the ideas, but....(1 post)

Thanks for all the ideas, but....muncher
May 15, 2001 9:21 AM
Fot those of you who have been following the FASCINATING saga of my problematic gear change (skipping from 5 to 7 on the rear block on my beater), I thought I'd tell you the GRIPPING conclusion.

Along the way, to try to solve the IG/HG shifting conpatibility (or was it?), tried:

New cables on shifter,
New casing on cable,
New spring in derail,
New, (2)different inter-cog spacer(s) in block; and
New Sachs "compatible with anything" chain.

Also on the way, had new rear wheel and new hub, by coincidence.

All in addition to usual strip-n-build clean re-lube x 5 etc, etc, and
all to no avail - problem still there.

Yesterday, gave up and put on a new block in desperation (shim, same as the old one but different ratios) and - guess what - works 100%, right from the off - didn't even need to adjust the shift, and even used the partially worn chain on the "won't change it if I don't need to" principle.

In effort to find out what the problem was, measured gear spacing (same), spacer thickness (same), examined teeth profile/thickness - can't see any difference at all between the old and new blocks.

So, still have absolutley no idea what was going on. Frustrating in itself, not to mention all the bad shifting in addition. Did however learn that the Sachs chains are at least a good as the Shim ones, and about 1/2 the price. Any idea still welcome for peace of mind etc.

Ho hum....