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Campy Ergo lever retrofit question(5 posts)

Campy Ergo lever retrofit questionRuss
May 14, 2001 2:49 PM
I'm putting Racing Triple on a bike with 2000 Record 10. Campy's web site says I can use the 10spd. rt. lever, if I install two 9spd. ratchets in place of the 10spd. ratchets.
Is this really necessary? Can the 10spd. lever work as is? Is this an instance of manufacturer's conservatism/liability avoidance?
If the change must be made, is it a big deal? Is this something any experienced mechanic should be able to do with the ratchets and a blow up drawing of the assembly? Does the job require any of Campy's unique, expensive tools?
By the way, will a standard chain whip really ruin a 10 speed cassette?
the 9 speed rachet...dave
May 14, 2001 3:39 PM
is required on the right lever, to properly operate the rear derailleur. The spacing between cogs is .2mm wider on the 9 speed cassette.

It's not supposed to be too tough a job, but like most jobs, the first time is probably no fun. Wouldn't trust it to someone who's never done it before.

Check out for more info. They will even make the change for you.

It may be about as cheap and faster, to get new 9 speed levers, and sell the 10 speed levers later.
re: Campy Ergo lever retrofit questionJohnG
May 14, 2001 10:33 PM
Cool idea..... 30 speeds! :)

The "left" shifter should work since there isn't any indexing on the front. This is assuming there is enough "throw" in the 10 shifter.

Oh, I've used a "regular" chain whip many times on my 10 cassette without any problems. Does look a little funky but so far no problema. As soon as I replace my first ten chain I'll save the chain for a whip.

Let us know about the triple conversion.
10 speed chain okay with R Triple crank?Russ
May 15, 2001 11:18 AM
I just was told that the Racing Triple crank will handle the 10 speed chain.
That would mean that I could avoid installing 9speed ratchets.
Campy Q&A says "absolutely not."
Who's right?
Damned confusing, I call it!
Don't believe Campy?dave
May 16, 2001 4:56 PM
The racing triple crank is only made to work with a 9 speed chain, long cage 9 speed rear derailleur and 9 speed ergo levers (or 10 speed levers converted to 9 speed). You'll also need the triple front derailleur and the triple bottom bracket.

This conversion is a downgrade of components.

Consider changing to a 13-29 10 speed cassette and the medium cage 10 speed rear derailleur. It's a lot easier and cheaper. A 39/39 gear is only 9% higher than a 32/26.