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giant ocr fork problems?(2 posts)

giant ocr fork problems?nathan
May 14, 2001 1:35 PM
I was alarmed to be cruising the site when I saw the thread about the Giant "oek"...whatever the hell that is. What is wrong with the OCR's fork? I'm a little concerned, as I am riding one right now...well, not RIGHT now...and I don't want any catastrophic failures while riding at 25 mph. can anyone explain this to me, or point me to a website that can? The Giant homepage has least that I can find. thanks.
re: giant ocr fork problems?tank hog
May 17, 2001 9:50 AM
Giant has recalled all carbon forks for the OCR and TCR bikes. Giant has also suspended all sales until a solution is reached. Giant is currently working with the Consumer Product Safety Commision to resolve the problem and have a solution by May 28th. Contact your Giant dealer immediatley. You are correct that this recall has not been advertised by Giant. I think they are waiting for a solution before they broadcast the recall. Untill then you may want to stay off the fork. I understand the problem to be located at the dropout. This is where some failures have occurred in the fork.