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Cosmic Elite front wheel, clicking sound in hub(2 posts)

Cosmic Elite front wheel, clicking sound in hubRick Bell
May 13, 2001 1:24 PM
It's a 2000 Cosmic Elite front, usually silent, fast, never out of true, and never had a problem with it.

So I was commuting on my road bike, 'cause it's the only bike I have while I live overseas. I exited the street and got onto the sidewalk so I could get to the bike-crossing. I rounded a huge bush, and an old man on a 100-lb-or-so bike made of lead (standard issue commuter for older people here), happened to be in my way. So we hit kinda head on at an angle and both of us went down fast. I apologized for riding a fast bike (that I wasn't actually riding fast at the time), we made sure neither of us were hurt, and we went on our merry ways.

My bike seemingly suffered no damage except the front wheel. Amazingly, it's still in true and I'm still riding it without a problem. But there's a clicking sound coming from the hub now, like so: click-click.... click-click-click.... and repeating. Exactly like that, a repeating pattern. But, by looking at the decal on the hub, it doesn't seem to happen on exactly each rotation. It takes a little more than one full rotation to repeat the sound pattern.

What's worse is that I did everything within my (lack of) knowlege I could do to get it to stop. It's loudest when it's installed on the bike, then quieter if I take it out and spin it holding the QR, and then silent when I take the tire/tube off.

Is it grinding itself apart on the inside, or is it just an annoying noise that can be taken care of during the next service? The bike shop I frequent here has great service and rates, should I have them simply rebuild and regrease the hub and just look at the wheel, or is there something I could actually do? Thanks for your help!
re: Cosmic Elite front wheel, clicking sound in hubMaverick
May 19, 2001 12:39 PM
i believe the culprit might be due to the tensioning of the spokes.
check the tension or ask the mechanic to fix them up.
nothing major actually.
PS: Mavic wheelsets have the tendency to attain clicking sound at times.