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Quill stem won't hold -- to grease or not to grease?(2 posts)

Quill stem won't hold -- to grease or not to grease?bill
May 12, 2001 2:07 PM
I installed a new Motus 3TTT stem. Lathered on the grease like a good boy, or so I thought. Because the quill (if that's what you call it, you know, the part that the expander bolt screws into on the bottom) isn't ridged as in every other stem I've ever seen, I was tightening down the bolt pretty hard and it still wouldn't hold. I finally wiped the grease off the bottom (there may be a teeny bit of anti-seize still in there) and put sort of a little ring of grease around the topmost of the inserted portion of the stem, away from the quill itself. This seems to work, but I'm thinking it ain't right and in about six months, when I'm dealing with an absolutely frozen stem, I'll feel pretty stupid.
BTW, cromoly steel steerer tube.
Any thoughts?
Wiggle it around once a monthCory
May 12, 2001 8:49 PM
No grease would make me nervous, too. But if you loosen the bolt a turn once a month or so and move the thing, it should keep it from siezing, unless I mean seizing.