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Perma-Link, Why?(2 posts)

Perma-Link, Why?Fisherof1
May 11, 2001 3:00 PM
Can someone explain to me the idea behind Campy's Perma-Link. Is there a good reason not to pin the chain just like any other chain. I have actually been riding for 1000 miles now without a perma-link. I have also removed (and reinstalled) my chain for cleaning with no adverse effects. Am I missing something here (other than a perma-link)???
It is risky...dave
May 11, 2001 3:47 PM
The campy 10 chain has pins that are set flush with the side plates, rather than protruding slightly. The side plates are also thinner than a 9 speed chain. Once you remove a pin you've enlarged the hole in the side plate. After reinstalling the pin, the pin doesn't fit nearly as tight. The chances of the chain coming apart are increased. There is also little room for error in positioning the pin.

Campy doesn't want to be responsible for a mishaps caused by broken chain links. Think about the wreck you'll be involved in if the chain snaps when you stand to climb. The permalink, if installed properly, is much less likely to come apart.