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Bar and Stem compatibility(2 posts)

Bar and Stem compatibilityRecRider
May 10, 2001 10:09 PM

I'm currently using ITM Pro 260 handle bar and planning to buy Cinelli Alter stem. The bulge diameter of the ITM bar is 25.8 mm while the Alter is 26 mm. Is the 26mm the minimum size of the bar that can be used? If so, will I have a problem tightening it?

I also want to hear some feedback to those Alter users if this is a good product.

I wouldn't have believed that .2 mm can make a difference,bill
May 11, 2001 3:12 PM
but I think that it can. With my 3TTT bar (also a 25.8) and a Profile Design stem (26.0), I was tightening the clamp down HARD and it was still slipping a little on a bad bump. Finally, concerned about the integrity of all this stuff (and assuming it is not too late, which may be rash), I have on order a 3TTT stem (although I've got to say that the stem hasn't slipped in awhile. Go figure.)