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Rolf Comp. Questions II(2 posts)

Rolf Comp. Questions IIJBergland
May 9, 2001 8:09 AM
I have been having a problem with spokes on my 1999 Rolf Comp. loosing up. Although this has been giving me some welcome experience truing wheels on a semi regular basis, it's getting old!! I have put loctite (purple stuff) on three spokes and discovered a fourth after a crit. race last night. When time permits, I'm planning to go through both wheels and put loctite or spoke prep on each spoke/nipple.

My question is this: Would it be worth it (money & TIME) to bring my Rolfs to a quality wheel builder and have them re-build them? Are these wheels worth it (ie will that make then any better). Any thoughts and ideas are welcome!!
re: Rolf Comp. Questions IIBob in Indiana
May 9, 2001 10:24 AM
Have Vector Comps stock on 1999 TREK 5200 OCLV. The dealer "loc-tited" all my nipples (didn't feel good either) when I bought the bike, and I have had no loosening since. Dealer said he was aware of this problem in other Comps. I assume my nipples will need to be "re-loctited"(this time I'm expecting dinner and a movie at the very least) each time they're trued...but haven't had to have that done yet.

Hope this helps.