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Campy Racing Triple(7 posts)

Campy Racing Tripledavidl
May 9, 2001 5:42 AM
I went ahead and installed a Campy Racing Triple [along with a daytona triple rear derailer] replacing a veloce triple set-up on my Modo Vincere. Anybody who has shift problems with a triple ought to try this set-up. The Veloce was good - don't get me wrong - but you cannot expect the same shifting with a more complicated triple. I couldn't believe the difference. Well worth it - no question. I now have a 'Modo Volare Triple' I guess.
Question for you:JohnG
May 9, 2001 8:15 AM
Do you have any problems with the chain going off the big ring when doing very-FAST upshifts? This will happen on my Campy triple setup when the chain is in the smaller rear cogs. :( I've gotten used to doing my middle-to-big ring shift just a bit "deliberate".

Anyway, I've got the f der 'stop' set so that the chain doesn't rub when in the big ring and smallest rear cog and under big load. If I adjust the stop "in" a bit I don't throw the chain but then I get a chain-der rub during hard accel. My suspicion is that the culprit is flex in the BB spindle. I can see a fair amount of big ring movement under hard accel. Sounds like a replacement BB is in order.

Other than this "minor" problem the drivetrain works VERY nicely. I can honestly say it works pretty similar to my Record/Chorus equiped bike.

Question for you:Leroy L
May 9, 2001 10:25 AM
I try not to shift the front der. from the 30 ring directly to the 52 without being a little deliberate, as you say. I try to make sure there is no load on the big ring as the chain is transferring. Makes the shift quicker and smoother for me. I had the chain jump off the 52 sprocket once early on, but I dialed the adjustment screw back such that it won't throw the chain far enough to leave the sprocket. I think the 'racing' in 'racing triple' is more aspirational for me than reality! The set is terrific - I'm really glad I got it.
alignment, tooDog
May 9, 2001 3:34 PM
You might play with the front derailleur alignment, too, by twisting the entire derailleur about the seat tube (or on the hanger thingie), as well as up and down. Very minor adjustments can eliminate (or worsen) chain rub and offing.

Answer from memuncher
May 10, 2001 3:45 AM
just to but in - I have 304050 RT and the shift is dead on all the way, never misses. Was riding 52 top ring RT at the weekend - same story - dead on. Mebbe some shifter positioning problem - slightly wrong height over the ring, or not quite square to the rings?

Answer from meJohnG
May 11, 2001 7:45 PM
I believe I set the shifter height and angle properly but I guess I'll check it again. I think the lower edge of the shifter outer face is something like 1-2 mm above the big ring.

FWIW, it's a 30, 42, 52 combo and all other shifting action is very crisp and clean. I did adjust the der stop a bit "outboard" because I didn't want even a hint of rub while pounding in the big ring. I've got a couple of other options.... one is to bag the 300gm triple BB and replace it with something a little lighter and hopefully stiffer.

Thanks JohnG
Answer from medavidl
May 12, 2001 8:38 PM
I found that when I went 'outboard' on the big ring limit screw the chain tended to want to go outboard too. I have the best luck when the limit is set just enough to get the chain transferred to the big ring. With just a little headroom any rubbing can be trimmed out. Also, check Sheldon Brown's article on adjustments of der.s @ the Harris cyclery web page. Good luck with it!