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Chorus 10s Front Derailleur(1 post)

Chorus 10s Front Derailleurtommyb
May 8, 2001 6:14 PM
I have an opportunity to try out a Mavic Mektronic system. The bike I'm going to put it on has a Chorus 10 speed crankset and front derailleur. Mavic recommends using Shimano 9 speed chain and cassettes, so that's what I'll use. My question is concerning the front derailleur and chainrings. From what I understand, the chainrings designed for 10 speed are the same thickness as the 9 speed chainrings, but spaced slightly closer together. The front derailleur designed for 10 speed is the same as the 9 speed version, but with a plastic insert on the outer cage plate to make it narrower. My question is whether I should remove the plastic insert (it looks like I could pop it out with a screwdriver), or should I leave it in? If I do pop it out, will I be able to re-install it if I need to? I'm not as worried about the chainring spacing, since the Mavic system uses a non-indexed, friction system for the front shifting, and spacing should not be a problem.

Any Campy expert advise?