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wheelbag question(3 posts)

wheelbag questionDuane Gran
May 8, 2001 12:43 PM
Well, I finally got a pair of Zipp wheels. Now I am happy and zipping (I know, bad pun) around the neighborhood with a smile on my face, however I'm wanting some wheelbags to protect them a little. I called Zipp and was surprised to find that they don't make a branded wheelbag. I did a little looking out on some web sites, but I haven't come accross much.

The nicest wheelbag I have seen was a Campy logo'd bag, but since I run Shimano that would seem a little odd. I'm sure there are some other riders out there who sympathize with my aesthetic delemma and know of a very cool wheelbag for zipps. Suggestions are welcome!

Incidentally, many thanks to readers, like Doug Sloan, who were very influential in my decision to go with Zipps. It is appreciated.
re: wheelbag questionAkirasho
May 8, 2001 12:58 PM
Check out the "generic" bags at

The TNi double is a nice price with nice options.

Be the bike.
re: wheelbag question updateAkirasho
May 14, 2001 1:04 PM
A friend of mine recently had me order a pair of wheel bags from Schwab Cycles

Naturally, when the package arrived, I opened it to check out the merchandise... nice generic padded bags... no logos or graphics... $30 each. I'm gonna order a couple for myself.

Be the bike.