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Old 105 f derailleur, STI levers?(3 posts)

Old 105 f derailleur, STI levers?Gadfly
May 7, 2001 2:38 PM
I'm building up a road bike to keep at the office, going from vintage 105 (downtube shifters) to a newer (but used) RSX group. Having a bit of trouble setting up the front derailleur. Is there a compatibility thing?
re: Could be......Know it All
May 7, 2001 7:26 PM
.....shimano front derailers are STI compatible if the arm the cable attaches to is perpindicular to the derailer cage.The RSX shifters, if 7 speed will shift a double or triple,so be aware of that. The 8 speed RSX were either double or triple specific.
part numbersDan Ida
May 8, 2001 7:38 PM
What are the part numbers that define a RSX front deraileur as being 7 or 8 speed? ANd then how are the RSX 8 speed double and triple sorted out by number? Obviously I've got a few of these and I'm trying to sort them out. THANKS