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Quattro Assi Frames(7 posts)

Quattro Assi FramesWard
May 7, 2001 5:47 AM
I'm thinking of buying a new frame and have been looking at a Pinarello Prince and a Quattro Assi. Does anyone have any input about either of these? I've ridden the Prince and really like it. Anyone out there familiar with Quattro Assi frames?

re: Quattro Assi Framesdarragh
May 7, 2001 9:24 AM
Robert Millar reviewed the compact Quattro Assi in the April issue of Pro Cycling magazine. In conlusion he said...."A nice little bike that makes a lot of sense for those who can't or won't use the massive gears of the fulltime cyclist (basically he means the bike loses a little traction sprinting or climbing hard out of the saddle). Not the obvious choice of frame design and not the usual good frame/average equipment set up either; it may be different to look at but this compact bike does provide an unexpected degree of entertainment."

IMHO - While I have nothing to base this on other than stuff I've heard....I'd go with the Prince. They are race proven bikes. Pinarello has a great reputation. All the recent Pinarello reviews I've read have been very good. You already like it. And they look great.

Good luck.
re: Quattro Assi FramesHBJ
May 7, 2001 12:21 PM
Quattro Assi frames are designed by William Lewis and manufactured in a variety of locations to his specifications. He has many different frames to choose from. The article referenced seems to be talking about the "Attack," but there are frames with more traditional geometry. Typically, the Quattro Assi's come without components, so you can build them us as you choose. Bill Lewis has always been very helpful and responsive to e-mail q's. A Quattro Assi with similar componentry to a Pinarello should be quite a bit less expensive. Check out
re: Quattro Assi FramesWard
May 8, 2001 7:14 AM
Thanks for your replies. I got ahold of Quattro Assi Rocket through one of our local shops to ride. It's the full aluminum model (normal frame design) that is red and black. Retail is about $1000 for the frame and fork. This frame rocks! Stiff as can be, but not harsh. I'd actually call it plush. Handles very, very well and is very sharp looking.

I've got to say that I'm kind of amazed. The Prince is a very nice ride, but for the price difference I think I'm going with the Quattro Assi.
re: Quattro Assi FramesMarkar
May 8, 2001 7:35 PM
Did you consider the Quattro Assi Alu Carbonio? This would be similar to the Pinarello with the carbon seat and chain stays. Texas Cyclesports sells these.
re: Quattro Assi Framesjayman
May 9, 2001 9:29 AM
It looks like you have already bought the QA "Rocket" and I hope you enjoy it. I really don't know much about the bike but I race in the Southeast and have noticed many riders riding the QA frames this season. There is actually a Tier III team ,"Zaxby's", riding them this year. QA must be doing something right. I am looking into buying a new bike for the second half of this season and will certainly look into the QA.
re: Quattro Assi Frameswbates
May 12, 2001 7:49 AM
Bought the Rocket. I called Bill Lewis, and he had a frame to me in a couple of days. I decided against the Pinarello just because I couldn't find any advantages to spending twice as much on a frame that doesn't ride as well. Besides, I think the Quattro Assis look much better. Since I've had this bike, I've had tons of compliments. People on high end euro frames go out of their way to ask me about my frame. Pretty funny.

Now for my self realization blurb - What's with us, meaning cyclists as a group, assuming that the higher priced stuff is better? I've been guilty of it, but now that I've found a bike that rides better for less, I feel like a dumbass for wasting money.