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Coda expert double (Cdale R600)(2 posts)

Coda expert double (Cdale R600)Fujiman
May 5, 2001 10:14 PM
While in my 39 tooth sprocket my chain rubs on the 53 (not the front deraileur). This happens when I'm in the smallest cog (expected? crosschaining) and also in the 2nd 3rd and maybe 4th (hard to tell while riding). Leaving me with 13 frictionless useable gears, omitting also the 53*25 combo. This doesn't seem right. The cassette is a 9s Tiagra. On the repair stand it is not as obvious as it is while riding and under load. Has anyone heard of this problem? Any solutions? Does it happen with Ultegra or 105? I'm a mounto riding the road for fitness training and speed thrills. I understand Mtb's pretty well but am new to roadie wrenching.
re: Coda expert double (Cdale R600)simstress
May 6, 2001 11:01 AM
My R600 with 105 drivetrain does not do that, but the problem may not be inherent to the components you mention. Your chainline may not be straight. Your LBS should be able to measure that and do some realignment. Also make sure the right chain is installed on your bike. The 9-spd chains are narrower than 8-spd chains.