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open pro wheels(3 posts)

open pro wheelsTed
May 5, 2001 9:13 PM
Hi I have a Giant OCR 3 with Alex rims and Sora hubs. I'm thinking of upgrading to Open Pro rims with Ultegra hubs.
1st is 190 lbs too much for these rims

2nd will I notice any diffrence and is it worth the money at present time.

Thank you for your time

Ted Polzin
re: open pro wheels// HUBS?RALPHY
May 6, 2001 8:31 AM
On the same subject! Are Hubs a factor? Does it pay to spend a little More ( ok some more) for the dura HUBS?
re: open pro wheelsPressurecase
May 8, 2001 2:43 AM
1) - No - I am 210 and never trued mine even for CX use.

2) - You will notive difference on road. Re hubs - change them (if you can afford to), else you will have a worn out hub before you ware our the rest - waste of money!