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ATTN: GRZ & KNEW IT ALL(8 posts)

May 3, 2001 8:25 PM
i agree w/ your comments on my question regarding the compatibility of mountainbike crank/BB with that of roadbike. i think i should be more specific with my question. i should ask, would the MTB BB fit the crank case (the hole in the frame that holds/where you insert the BB)of roadbike.if that's possible,then it follows that the crankset will fit i on the right track? what about the HUBSETS?can i just transfer them to a roadbike rims using same hubs from my mtb (36 hole,deemax-mavic).thanks again...
re: ATTN: GRZ & KNEW IT ALLmon t
May 4, 2001 6:41 AM
you are on the right track, but there are many branches of that track. first of all there are several different threadings for bb shells. most in the us are 'english' but a few road bikes are 'italian' threads. second. if you are using the square sort of bb spindle there are all sorts of continuing potental problems. spindle length is the most obvious, road spindles are usually shorter than mountain. the taper itself can vary, also, which will affect chainline at the least, or damage the crank and squeak at the worst. speaking of chainline, that will be where you run into the most problems, especially with todays indexed front derailleurs. what bb/crank/frame are you working with?
May 4, 2001 8:04 AM
Almost all current mountian BB are threaded english,but the shell width may be 68 or 73mm. Road frames that are english thread are 68mm shell width. You will also find italian threaed road frame BB. Rear hub width in mountian wheels is 135mm.Hub width on 8/9 speed road wheels is 130mm.Me thinks you need to read a few books or maybe everything in Sheldon Browns articles at
It all Dependsgrz mnky
May 4, 2001 12:35 PM
If you've got time and access to all sorts of parts bin you can cob and bastardize things until the end of time. This in and of itself is an occupation and there are all sorts of creative things that people have done. If you just want to get a road bike together and go riding then there are easier ways to do it. Almost anything is possible with access to a good machine shop, however, this didn't seem to be the intent of your question. It's like putting Ford parts on a GM product - it can be done, but at what cost? If you like puzzles and no instruction manuals then go for it - if you want something that works and will cost you less then buy a "standard" offering from a LBS. You will not belive how some of the details can and will trip you up. Buying a complete package is faster and ultimately cheaper.

You decide.
Good points,well said...Bastardize till ya puke guy.
May 4, 2001 2:24 PM
It all DependsLeelee
May 4, 2001 7:59 PM
Why will it cost so much and what is standard?

ISOKerry Irons
May 5, 2001 8:13 AM
Why it will cost so much is that many things won't work right the first time, and you will end up buying several things twice (or more) to get it all to work. Also, buying a complete group is cheaper than buying parts. Finally, buying a complete bike is cheaper than buying a frame plus a group, and much cheaper than buying a frame plus parts, and MUCH MUCH cheaper than buying a frame plus parts plus different parts when the first parts don't work.

Standards are whatever the manufacturer says they are. If you want to be sure things work, you buy a group. Depending on the models and the manufacturer, you can get in trouble mixing between models in groups, and you certainly can get in trouble mixing between manufacturers. Not to say that you WILL get in trouble, but lots of people have (have you been actually reading posts on this board?). If you like to tinker, don't care if things don't work well together during the experimentation phase, and have lots of time or money (or both) then go "non-standard." After all, it's sooooo cool. Alternative would be to save time and money, and ride the bike.
Good advise.....Bastardizer Guy
May 6, 2001 8:32 AM
For people who don't know all the ins and outs and can't think 'out of the box'.Too restrictive for many of us though.I don't own a bike with 'complete,standard' groupo on it ,and they all work fine, and cost little.Don't spend extra time tinkering and don't have to buy several parts to get the 'one' that works.Just my way of doing things. Some personality types can't deal with it.Others will differ,I'm sure.Not that I care or that it matters......