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Had any trouble with Campy Mirage cranks?(2 posts)

Had any trouble with Campy Mirage cranks?Safariwagon
May 3, 2001 8:05 AM
I bought my first road bike yesterday. I was so excited to get my Bianchi Eros on a ride that I hardly slept last night and climbed on at 6:00 AM for the maiden ride. You can imaging my surprise when, after two miles, the left crank completely split. To be more specific, if the crank were positioned so that the pedal was at the top of the stroke, the break was at the bottom of the crank, where the crank goes around the spildle (I hope that's the right word). The split is about 5/8th of an inch wide. It happened as I was accelerating from a stoplight. I had clipped into the other pedal and shifted at least once and was on the middle ring and the fourth or fifth gear in the back. I came out of the saddle, took a hard stroke on the left pedal, and that is when it happened. Luckily I stayed on the bike and was able to get out of traffic and then had to walk the brand new bike home.

My questions:
1) My first inclination is that this was a faulty part. I'm 215 lbs but that piece should not have failed even at that load. Am I on base with that assumption?

2) I know that the bike shop will make this right for me. However, I had noticed that the seat tube was not tight in the frame. That makes me question whether the shop had made a mistake or two while setting the bike up. Is there anything that a bike shop could do to have contributed to this situation?

3) Has anyone heard of anything like this before?

I know that Mirage is low-end Campy, but it was the best I could afford. So any help on this one I would greatly appreciate. By the way, this split is so wild, I think that I will have to send in a picture to post in the gallery.
All the time...TJeanloz
May 3, 2001 9:01 AM
I'd say about 1/4 of Mirage cranks split at the BB spindle. Campy claims that it's from over torqueing the crankarm bolt; but they warranty the broken cranks without question. We, like most Bianchi dealers, keep every Veloce/Mirage left crank arm length in stock so that we can exchange them on-the-spot for customers.