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Wheels: Shimano 7700 vs. Rolf Sestriere(4 posts)

Wheels: Shimano 7700 vs. Rolf Sestrierekem
May 2, 2001 11:24 PM
Any opinions on which light weight whell would be best for a 220lb. wheel crusher? Looking at Shimano 7700, Rolf Sestriere or Spinergy Xaero. What is the stongest light weight +/- 1,600g wheelset?
re: Wheels: Shimano 7700 vs. Rolf SestriereWild Bill
May 3, 2001 1:04 PM
I am a 185lbs. rider and my choice of wheels are as follows.....
I rode Rolf Vecter Pro's for two years with no trouble, as a matter of fact they have never been trued! I just bought a new bike that came with Rolf Sestriere's and at first they were great but now after 3000km. I have to true them after every ride! I hate them!!!! I will use my Vecter Pro's.
As far as the 7700 wheelset if you weigh 220 they are not the wheel for you, these wheels flex a lot while climing and with your weight they would scrub your brake pads right off!!!
re: Wheels: Shimano 7700 vs. Rolf SestriereDon in OKC
May 3, 2001 6:26 PM
Wild Bill:

Perhaps some locktite would help.

Good luck, Don in OKC

... I weigh 210# and ride 7700's and others. Haven't scrubbed any brake pads as the previous reply suggests, sounds like poor tensioning. There's a lot of heavy riders on 7700's. But if you're already happy with your vector pros....well...
re: Wheels: Shimano 7700 vs. Rolf SestriereIan
May 4, 2001 6:51 AM
I weigh in around 210-215 and I ride the Velomax Orion Comps. They weigh in at 1530 grams and seem plenty stiff. I also think they are a great looking wheelset.