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650 tire recommendations(2 posts)

650 tire recommendationsBecky
May 1, 2001 6:48 AM
Any recommendations on a good training tire that's available as a 650?? My road bike has a very short top tube and 650 wheels to accommodate said top tube. The bike came stock with Axial Pros which I really like but, since they're billed as a racing tire, I'm concerned about durability. How long can I expect them to last? Any ideas on places to obtain 650 tires are also very much appreciated! TIA!
re: 650 tire recommendationsFL Rider
May 1, 2001 8:03 AM
Hello Becky,

My wife's bike also uses 650 size tires. Her bike came stock with Continental Grand Prix's. They go for about $35.00 at our LBS. The only think that could be a problem is the somewhat delicate sidewalls. The sidewalls tend to scuff/tear up easier that Michelins or the Hutchinson's that I have used. But then again, I am using a Continental Ultra 2000 for my rear tire(700 size) on my bike with no problems.

The GP's have served her well, she rides about 120 miles/week and right now has a 23mm on the rear and a 20mm on the front. I can say that the 20mm has always been very difficult to place back on the rim, so I can't wait to replace it with a 23mm.

Overall, they do fairly well, without spending too much.