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8speed 105 levers ok for triple?(2 posts)

8speed 105 levers ok for triple?ranchero7
Apr 30, 2001 5:56 PM
I just put an Ultegra triple crank on my wife's bike. I'm using 105 STI 8-spd shifters which I thought would work, but I can't get them to. When I shift on to the large chainring the chain shifts on to it, but then falls back to the middle ring. When I take the cable off, it seems that it pulls up slack enough for one up shift, then it clicks, but when you try to pull in more slack, it will do it but it won't click again. Aren't 105 levers triple compatable?
re: 8speed 105 levers ok for triple?....maybe...Sydnie
Apr 30, 2001 6:24 PM
8 speed 105 STI triple specific?? Some are, some aren't. You have to buy the right one. They are the ones that are triple specific. #ST-1055T