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Cleats slipping on Carnac shoes(5 posts)

Cleats slipping on Carnac shoeskac
Apr 30, 2001 6:53 AM
I recently purchased a pair of Carnac Legend shoes for use with my Speedplay x/2 pedals. During the course of my first couple of rides, the cleat seemed to slip on the bottom of the Speedplay insert (this may also have happened when I dismounted and walked a short distance).

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Should I simply tighten down the screws some more? I was a little worried about overtightening/stripping the screws.
re: Cleats slipping on Carnac shoessimstress
Apr 30, 2001 11:53 PM
I'm concerned about stripping the screws too. I plan to go to the hardware store to replace them with screws that fit a flathead or an allen wrench.

If you use an adaptor for your shoes, make sure that it's securely fastened to your shoe, and then make sure the cleat is securely fastened to the shim.
re: Cleats slipping on Carnac shoesSkip
May 1, 2001 12:21 AM
Mine slip as well, regardless of screw tightness (I've even stripped some of the phillips heads). I'm considering removeing the cleats and remounting with some Loctite (medium strength) between the cleat and adapter, as well as the screws, and see if that won't prevent them from moving. Maybe the WhiteLightening I put on the cleats caused or contributed to the movement.
re: Cleats slipping on Carnac shoesMaxx
May 1, 2001 11:11 AM
I had the same problem with my Legends and x/2's. I understand Carnac's words of caution regarding stripping screws etc but I find the shoes and their hardware to be very tough. They have held up very well through 3 years of tough commuting on a pair of Looks with also lots of cleat fiddling from me...

With the X/2's I simply used the Loctite and problem solved. I don't know what strength the red Loctite is but in the past is has provided a good semi-permanent hold on the screws. The blue Loctite is not strong enough from my experience. I think the amount you use is a factor as well. If in doubt, call your favourite LBS ....

When you solve this problem I'm sure you'll find that this combination of the Legends and the X/2s is unbeatable. It works superbly for me - light, tough, and comfortable!

Cheers, Maxx
re: Cleats slipping on Carnac shoesDrD
May 2, 2001 5:05 AM
I had the same problem with my Ellipse's and X/2's - if you follow the instructions from Speedplay, and pretty much just snug stuff down and loctite it, they got loose and slid around - went to the LBS where I bought the shoes and a new set of cleats to get their opinion, and they had me just tighten things down more - I mentioned that they might break, and they said they would replace them if they did - so, I tightened them up as best I could and loctited them in place - problem solved - they haven't come loose since January. (I didn't have any problems with the screw heads stripping - that can be a tool/technique problem, too...)