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Magnets for Rolf Vector Comp(10 posts)

Magnets for Rolf Vector CompPete Kreishman
Apr 28, 2001 9:50 AM
Does anyone know what type of magnet will work with a Rolf Vector Comp front wheel? I have a Polar XTrainer, and I can't use it on my new road bike because the magnet won't fit a bladed spoke. Any ideas? Thanks!
re: Magnets for Rolf Vector CompVon Zip
Apr 28, 2001 10:50 AM
I just super glued the magnet to the bladed spoke and it has stuck ever since. I did remove the magnet from the housing, to bare metal, before installing it.
re: Magnets for Rolf Vector Compsteveh
Apr 28, 2001 11:11 AM
Take a dremel tool with a small grinding bit and rout the inside slot next to the magnet into an oval slot to fit the bladed part of the spoke. Then slide the magnet onto your spoke near the hub were it is rounder and thinner and rotate the magnet to slide up the part you routed out to fit the bladed spoke. It may take a couple trial runs with the dremel tool to get it right. Don't overtighten it either.
re: Magnets for Rolf Vector Comprfrisco
Apr 28, 2001 12:11 PM
I used a Rare Earth magnet from Radio Shack and epoxy it to the
spoke. The magnets are smaller than an eraser on a pencil, they
cost about a $1.50 for 2. Use 5 min. epoxy. Good luck
re: Magnets for Rolf Vector Compmust_pedal_harder
Apr 28, 2001 2:14 PM
I just made the opening to my P-Brain magnet a bit wider with about 4 seconds with a dremel reinforce cutting wheel. Otherwise, any bike magnet should work if you can get it to fit on there.

re: Magnets for Rolf Vector Compslbenz
Apr 28, 2001 4:25 PM
I use a Cateye magnet with my Vector Comps. Fits perfectly. I just bought another Cateye magnet for my Zipp wheels and it fits as well in the same spot as the Vector Comps.
re: Magnets for Rolf Vector CompAndy
Apr 28, 2001 8:23 PM
Shimano makes a magnet specifically for bladed spokes. It has a very strong magnet about half the size of a pencil eraser and a black plastic "carrier." My LBS charged me $11 which is pretty steep for a magnet but it looks nice and is very streamlined.
re: Magnets for Rolf Vector CompWFF
Apr 29, 2001 5:52 AM
Why not order it from Trek ? Did so last year for my Polar unit.
re: Magnets for Rolf Vector CompChas
Apr 29, 2001 11:50 AM
I positioned it at the outside end of a spoke and it works fine.
The Thrilling Conclusion!DrPete
May 1, 2001 4:17 PM
Well, after taking in all the info I got (thanks a lot, by the way), I decided first to call my LBS, a great shop that I trust with just about everything. They said I needed to just file out the magnet I had so it fits with bladed spokes. I tried Colorado Cyclist, and they had a magnet made by Mavic that fits the Ksyriums, which have HUGE bladed spokes. All for the low price of 12 bucks. Too much for a gamble, I thought. Finally, I e-mailed Trek, and the rep I got a reply from told me to send my snail mail address and they'd just send out a magnet for me. Trek replied within 1 business day, and offered a FREE solution to the problem. Overall, I'm impressed. The only thing that would change that opinion is if the magnet doesn't fit when it gets here... We'll see. Thanks again for all the ideas.